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November 7, 2005:

The Aftermath of Hurricane Wilma:

The storm has passed and left significant damage to the landscape, however no lives were lost and structural damage to homes is minimal. One family did lose a portion of their roof. We are truly fortunate compared to many people in the path of Wilma.

Although each of us wants to get back to normal, it is extremely difficult in these times, due to limited resources. In an emergency, expected resources disappear. The positive outcome in these challenging day's, has been the tremendous effort of individuals in our community to help their neighbors. Even in the face of their own losses, many individuals, on the day of the hurricane, first attended to those with greater hardships and the issues of the community at large. It is absolutely clear, that the caring, dedication, and unselfish actions of men and women in our community got us through the emergency phase and will also get us through the cleanup challenges ahead. A big thank you goes to the following people who were there to help on the afternoon of the hurricane.

Bobby Swartzbaugh quickly moved the Australian Pine trees blocking the road, to provide community entrance and exit for cars. By the way, Bobby cleaned up the trees last year after both hurricanes and doesn't even live in Ranch Colony.

Jeff Chapple used his tractor and moved the many trees lying across the road at the Gatehouse. This road was impassable post-storm.

Bob Miller and his son brought chain saws to cut the trees Jeff Chapple moved, in order to clear the roadway and ensure a safe passage for cars at the Gatehouse.

Kathy and Alan Palmer, both assisted neighbors with losses. Kathy gave a helping hand to the residents who lost a portion of their roof and another neighbor who had windows broken. Alan helped get generators going for neighbors and hooked up the generator at the gatehouse the morning after the storm.

Due to power being recently restored in Ranch Colony and Prime Management, the Board is now able to bring you up to speed on storm related issues. The following gives you an overview of priority issues and Board actions related to the aftermath.

  1. Debris Pickup: We are told Nichols Sanitation is unable to do yard trash pick up for at least another week and a half. Whether Nichols Sanitation or FEMA will do the debris pickup in our community is still unclear. Those of you here last year, may recall we had to postpone the paving of S.E. Ranch Road and Ranch Acres Circle Road, due to delays in the pickup of yard trash. Even when yard trash pickup services begin, the cleanup of larger properties such as the 5 acre and 20 acre parcels, create a massive volume of yard trash, which further delays the complete removal of this bulk trash. The Board will continue to pursue this issue, but patience is the operative word here.
    As each of us cleanup our properties, we must keep the yard trash back off the roads. The larger piles of trash are getting onto the roads in some areas, which narrows the roadway and has the potential to cause a car accident. Also remember to put your yard trash on your own property, not on someone else's property. This is an unacceptable solution to keeping your own property from appearing cluttered.
  2. Tree and Debris cleanup: As you know many trees were damaged along roadsides in the community. The Board has contracted with Rooney Environmental Services for post-hurricane cleanup, which will begin this week. Removing the fallen Australian Pines, as we did last year, is the largest and the most expensive task in the cleanup process. The area between Indiantown Road and Old Indiantown Road will need to be closed in order for this work to be done. The detour route should be familiar to each of you, due to several closures of this portion of Mack Dairy over the past year for tree cleanup, site prep for paving and paving of the road.
    Tree and debris pickup will also be done on all of our remaining roadsides. (Old Trail, POA is responsible for post-hurricane cleanup on the roadsides of our 25 lot members within the boundaries of Old Trail). Property owners are responsible to remove trees on their property that have fallen over their property line into the swale area. Please remove these trees as soon as possible, so adequate cleaning of roadsides and swales can be accomplished.
  3. Hauling away debris: Rooney Environmental Services will only haul away the debris from the Australian Pine section of Mack Dairy Road. All other yard trash will be left on roadsides for Nichols Sanitation and /or FEMA to remove.

We thank each of you for your support and ask for your patience in the coming weeks. Though waters are receding and power is restored, the complexities of dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Wilma, will be ongoing.

Please address any additional concerns you may have to Vidar Jonsson, at Prime Management. (561-747-5505)

Respectively submitted,

RCPOA Board of Directors

Sunday July 24, 2005:

Mack dairy road paving:

The paving of Mack Dairy road has been rescheduled by Ranger Construction due to the heavy rains. Barring further weather delays, paving work will begin on Monday July 25, 2005 and will require approximately 2 weeks.

We want to reiterate that even though every effort is being made to minimize any inconvenience associated with this job, it is unavoidable that some traffic congestion and delay will occur as the work progresses. This will be particularly true during paving, when one lane of the road will be intermittently closed, resulting in one-way traffic. During these periods, flagmen will be present to direct traffic flow alternately in each direction. We ask that you please be patient during this time and plan your travel to accommodate possible delays. To avoid injury to yourself and others, please proceed with extreme caution and drive very slowly in areas of construction where people are working and where machinery is parked, or in use.