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Hotwire Proposal
Ranch Colony Fiber Optic Internet/TV/Phone


Many of you know that due to sparse distribution of homes in Ranch Colony, we have very limited options for TV and internet service. In the past, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to get Comcast, ATT, and others to provide high speed internet and TV to our community. Recently, a group of residents have worked very hard to get an attractive proposal from Hotwire, Inc. to provide high speed fiber optic internet, TV, and phone services to our community. In order to do this, all four HOA's within Ranch Colony must agree to a bulk service agreement to provide this service to everyone. Billing for this service would become part of your HOA membership dues.

Basic Proposal:

  1. Fiber Optic connection extending directly into each home
    • One (1) wireless router provided
    • Download speeds of 250Mbps guaranteed (current average is 6 - 23 Mbps)
    • Upload speeds of 50 Mbps (current average 1-1.5)
    • Optional speeds to 1000 Mbps with up to 10 Gbps coming soon!
  2. Video/Fision TV
    • Digital Works Package includes local networks, sports, news, popular channels, plus ALL Premium channels including HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.
    • HD Programming with access to available HD channels in your digital package.
    • Multi-room DVR service. Watch recorded shows from any box in your home.
    • Three (3) Fision HD Boxes. Includes three (3) voice activated remote controls.
    • One (1) Fision HD/DVR Box with voice-activated remote control.
  3. No upfront costs
  4. Installation included
  5. Equipment includes: Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This is like a modem router and provides wired and wireless in-home service.
  6. Free Landline Telephone (one line) for the first 12 months. $14.99 per month for the next 12 months, and $24.99 per month thereafter. Phone service includes unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the contiguous USA and Canada. Phone lines with unlimited calling are for residential use only. Taxes/fees are not included and apply during promotional period.
  7. Bulk rate saving of at least 25% under the current combined costs of TV and internet.

Hotwire Bulk Service Rates:

  • Bulk Rate: $125 per unit per month (rate does not include #3.99 video content surcharge).
  • Annual Increase: 4%
  • Term: 10 years

Detailed Documents:

Click on each of the following documents for more details on the proposal, system technology, and the TV lineup.

Hotwire Proposal:


TV Lineup:

Q and A:

Question: Are there any installation fees?
Answer: There are no installation fees for the main house. The only time an installation fee would apply at the main house is if a resident asks for custom wiring for a location that does not have a Hotwire piece of equipment attaching to the wire.

Question: This is especially a concern for Ranch Acres and Estates where long runs may be required from the road. What additional costs are there for supporting multiple buildings on each residence?
Answer: There would be an additional cost for other structures on the lot. I do not have an exact price as many factors are involved. What would the additional structure need? video and internet, internet only, and how far is this structure/ or structures away from the main house? The great news is we can do it all, but yes, there will be an additional cost to connect multiple structures on one lot.

Question: What capabilities do the wireless routers offer for large homes (i.e. square footage of coverage)?
Answer: The coverage will vary by house, however if you have fairly decent router now, it will probably cover the same space. The great news about our Eero router is you are able to have a mesh wifi system which the devices talk wirelessly to each other.
Question: How many wired ports are available on the router?
Answer: Please see the website for Eero, this will probably answer all of your questions and then some: eero Pro Router

Question: Regarding the phone service: If a resident has an existing land line, can they retain their phone number during the transfer to Hotwire?
Answer: Yes.

Question: I assume the phone system is VoIP. If so, does it provide location services for 911 operators in emergencies?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the basic phone service have caller ID and voicemail? If not, what are the additional fees?
Answer: Voicemail is $5 per month. All other features are included.

Question: Is the fiber optic routed on poles or underground?
Answer: Poles into the community, buried within Ranch Colony.

Question: Is there a backup system if power is out?
Answer: The headend building is already in existence at the Dye Preserve. There will be battery backup that should power the system for ~6 hours. If a longer power issue arises, they will bring in a portable generator. We have considered providing our own dedicated emergency generator. The cost would be ~$20 per home (one time fee) and fuel cost which would be insignificant.

Additional Questions:

Several of our residents have worked very hard to get this proposal, and are available if you have additional questions: