Many of you may have seen negative reviews and feedback about Hotwire, or heard negative things being circulated by some residents.  The RCPOA BOD and the Hotwire committee have reviewed all the information that certain residents have been circulating.  Much of this information comes from communities far away (out of state even), is years outdated, or is irrelevant to our situation.  Several examples cited issues with old copper infrastructure that Hotwire acquired from previous service providers. 

We have done due diligence and collected more relevant, recent feedback from local communities in the Jupiter area who have contracted with Hotwire for similar fiber optic and Fision services that your BOD is considering.  We urge everyone who has concerns about Hotwire’s reputation to read the reviews below, or contact people you may know in the following communities who have Hotwire now.  A partial list follows: 


Local Feedback follows: 

Mallory Creek:

Mallory Creek was making the switch to Hotwire right after I moved. I am still on the Facebook group page, so I got to see some of the issues. It seemed like installation was quite an ordeal: people complained of Hotwire missing installation time windows, installing the hardware in unsightly places, and generally having initial reliability issues. Nowadays I still see some people complaining about service issues occasionally, but it all seems pretty minor.

Rob T. 

Loxahatchee Club: 

From: Jeanie Velez <>
Sent: Monday, December 9, 2019 3:23 PM
To: Ryan Swilley <>
Subject: Hotwire

Dear Ryan:

We entered into a 10 year contract with Hotwire in 2015, they installed all fiber optic lines in the community and CAT 5 or CAT 6 wiring and outlets in each home.  I will be honest, it was not painless and not without difficulty, on the property management side as well as the customer side.  However, I will tell you that their team of Construction Managers, Project Managers, installers, Launch Managers, etc. are a group of young people that I really enjoyed working with.  I learned so much about the business and actually had a great time getting to know everyone and building the relationship with Hotwire.  Their Customer Service module did not even come close to comparison with Comcast’s offerings.  Although I have heard they have had to match Hotwire’s bulk rate agreements because they were losing so much business to them.  Our package included the following:

Project Manager  & installation staff – For the first 6 months

Launch Manager – For the first year

On-site Technician – For the first year

Training Classes  - Educational person for 6 months

The particulars of the bulk rate agreement were:

Key Features:

·       Business grade connections.

·       Unmatched connection speeds, more bandwidth.

·       Best picture quality.

·       Dedicated service, more reliable and secure.

·       On-site representative until the launch phase is completed.

·       Customer service representative on property 3 days per week starting October 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016.

·       On-going training classes scheduled 2 days per week from November 1, 2015 to March 30, 2016.

Project Particulars:

  1. Home Survey – members have been contacted by Club staff to set up an appointment to speak with a Hotwire representative to survey your current TV & internet services. Members who live at Loxahatchee permanently will be first and then members who are up north for the summer will be contacted at their up north number.  Please have your COMCAST bill available when you speak to the Hotwire representative.
  2. Installation of Fiber Optic Cable to the home (exterior work only)

3.   Install wiring and connections equipment, converter boxes in residential homes (interior    work).

The Hotwire Agreement:

*      Expanded basic television – local networks, sports, news, popular channels

*      HBO Suite – 8 HBO channels & access to HBO GO for computers & mobile devices

*      HD Service included

*      Multi-room DVR Service

*      One (1) Master HD/DVR Fision DVR Box

*      Two (2) HD Fision HD wireless boxes

*      High Speed Internet 100/20 Mbps

*      Plug & Play TV – direct coaxial cable from wall outlet to back of TV, 70 channels (analog & digital) including HBO

Please let me know if you need any more information, I would recommend them.  They are a great company and our relationship with them continues to be a good one.

 Thank you!

Logo HOA 2010 Clear

Jeanie Velez | Community Association Manager

1010 Loxahatchee Club Drive

Jupiter, Florida 33458

561-744-3200 |




Old Palm Golf Club: 


We have Hotwire in the community where my wife and I keep our main residence here in Florida, Old Palm Golf Club. 

Our community is pleased, and we have a lot of demanding residents (to put it kindly). 

The initial transition can be difficult for those who are less technically savvy, - mostly in terms of learning how to use things and set them up. So, initial customer support is important. 

Bill Weisberg


Frenchman’s Creek:







From: John Perry []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2019 12:37 PM
To: Joseph Metrisin; Jamie Lynn French; Faith Meyer
Cc: Tom Hall
Subject: RE: [External]negative reviews


I spoke with Lox club and Frenchman’s Creek this morning and they are both very happy with Hotwire. Frenchman’s has had it for 10 years and just signed a new 5 year contract…


Dye Preserve_BROWN (2)

John Perry


1808 Colony Way

Jupiter, FL 33478






I would like to add a testimonial to your collection regarding Hotwire communications.


The week prior to Thanksgiving, I received a call from an individual that was performing due diligence with regard to a residence that is listed here in Tailwinds. His primary concern centered around the level of internet service available. He flatly stated that he would not consider an offer on the property without adequate internet.


In fairness to the prospective buyer, I had to warn him of the limitations. I did indicate that there was a project to improve that service and gave him the projected speeds. He immediately asked if the vendor was Hotwire. I responded that it was Hotwire. He volunteered that he had previously lived in a development in the area that used Hotwire and praised their speed and reliability.


There are two obvious points here. First, the value of improving our internet is becoming critical, not only for resale value but to even maintain salability. Second, this is another satisfied customer with direct knowledge of Hotwire Communications.


I hope that this information will be of value in your vetting process.





     Tom Hall


     Tailwinds Homeowners Association

     18701 SE Crosswinds Lane

     Jupiter, FL 33478






From: Steven Hart <>
Date: Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 5:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Hotwire
To: <>


Hello Faith - I hope you and Paul are doing well! 


Mary forwarded me your email about Hotwire and thought I might be able to share a few thoughts on the company and its service. In short, I can tell you that I am very happy with Hotwire and the services they provide. 


I am happy to include a little more detail in hopes you might be able to share it with your board. The Martinique HOA along with two other communities with the Abacoa PUD had Comcast/Xfinity service for the past 10 years or so. When our contracts were near expiration our HOAs jointly hired an independent cable consultant (Don Johnson, CEO of Paradigm Broadband Group Corp.- website:; 352.267.7447 cell; 352.394.0288 office) to assist with the review of several cable service providers and help us negotiate a deal that worked for all. Comcast wouldn't even agree to upgrade the coaxial cable service while AT&T and Hotwire were happy to run fibre optics and take us into the 21st Century. The process produced two finalists AT&T and Hotwire. Since Hotwire was considered to offer the best package of services and pricing, they won the vote of the community. 


We have digital (HD) cable with multi-room DVR service, Replay TV and Video on Demand, and voice activated remotes. Our Internet service comes with an integrated wifi router with amazing upload and download speeds (300 mbps). I am sure you already have the specs on their services, but I find them to be best in class. We stream movies frequently and never have seen a buffering or pixelated screen. 


We have had the service for about 2 years, and have never had a need to make a service call. Our Comcast cable and internet service used to go down multiple times during the week and we would be forever wondering when we would get our internet turned back on.  When the board announced that Hotwire was the winner, there were several people who were loyal to Comcast and AT&T that were very disappointed. I suspect if they were honest, they would all agree the service with Hotwire has surpassed all expectations.  


Marc Dobbin is the President of our HOA, but I don't have any of his contact information since much of our communication goes through the Management Company. Christine Di Renzo at Campbell Property Management is currently our point of contact, but their last day of managing our community is 12/15/2019. You can try to reach her at Office (561) 203-7910 or email:

to see if she can help you out with particulars for the board president or share her experiences with the Hotwire selection. 


Well, that's enough from me....If you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can share with you, please let me know.







Better Business Bureau: 



For comparison, the following are reviews of the top Hotwire competitors: