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Covenants for Ranch Estates


  1. Lands shall only be used for agricultural purposes, including but not limited to the cultivation of crops, groves, forestry, nurseries, and gardens, farming activities related to animal husbandry, game and fish propagation, stables, horse raising, kennels and dog raising, the raising of cattle, and open area recreational facilities. Only single-family houses may be erected together with guesthouses and farm or ranch related structures, provided that guest houses and farm structures and other accessory structures cannot be built without the prior approval of the association, as to the size, location and architecture.
  1. Zoning regulations applicable to this property shall be observed. In the event of any conflict between any provision of such zoning restriction and the provisions of this declaration, the more restrictive provision shall apply.
  1. No single-family structure shall contain less than 1,750 square feet of living area, exclusive of screened porches, utility rooms, garages and patios.
  1. No trailers or mobile homes may be kept for use on the premises except on a temporary basis prior to the completion of a single-family residence. No recreational vehicles, boats or trailers may be kept on the premises unless kept under cover.
  1. The Association may, though an Architectural Control Committee, regulate the external design, appearance, use location and maintenance of all of Ranch Colony and of improvements thereon in such a manner so as to preserve and enhance values and to maintain a harmonious relationship among structures and the natural vegetation and topography.
  1. No building may be erected closer than 75 feet from the edge of the front boundary line of a parcel, no closer than 30 feet from side and back of property lines or edges of easements.
  1. In order to implement effective insect, weed and fire control, or to remove nuisances, the Association and its agents have the right to enter upon any lot by personnel with tractors or other suitable devices for the purpose of mowing, removing, clearing, cutting or pruning underbrush, weeds or other unsightly growth, which in the opinion of the Association detracts from the overall beauty, setting and safety of Ranch Colony. Such entrance for the purpose of mowing, cutting, clearing, or pruning shall not be deemed a trespass. The Association and its agents may likewise enter upon such land to remove any trash, which has collected on such land without such entrance and removal being deemed a trespass. The provisions in this paragraph shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the Association to mow, clear, cut, or prune nor to provide garbage or trash removal services.
  1. No trash, garbage or other refuse shall be dumped or stored or allowed to be accumulated on any parcel.
  1. No gasoline-powered motorboat may be used in Ranch Colony. Motorbikes or motorcycles may be operated by licensed drivers only on roadways and driveways and in such a manner as not to be a nuisance.  Streets and drives will not be dedicated to the public.
  1. Use of firearms, hunting, and trapping is prohibited at Ranch Colony. Fishing is permitted.
  1. With the exception of initial development and sales efforts by Ranch Colony, Inc., no commercial signs, including for rent and for sale signs, may be erected, except with the written permission of the Association.
  1. No offensive activity or item, including junked automobiles, will be permitted at Ranch Colony.  Any offensive activity may be prohibited by the Association.
  1. Subdivision or replatting of parcels will be permitted only if in accordance with the platting and subdivision laws of Martin County, Florida.
  1. No place of public entertainment, hotel, dance hall, public garage, filling station, restaurant, manufacturing or other mercantile establishment can be established and maintained on any of the parcels.
  1. Wherever the approval or consent of the Association is required hereunder, the approval shall be deemed to have been given when a request therefore has been submitted in writing to the officers of the Association and a written response of approval or consent thereto has been received from the Association, provided, however, that if the Association shall fail to have responded after receipt of said request, then the approval or consent shall be deemed to have been given.