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Covenants for Ranch Acres

The following minimum standards and prohibited uses shall be applicable to the parcels shown on the Plat of RANCH ACRES:

  1. No single story dwelling shall have a floor square foot area of less than 1800 square feet. No two-story dwelling having a first floor square foot area of less than 1600 square feet shall be erected, constructed, and maintained upon any parcel. In computing square foot area, credit shall not be given for screened porches, garages, patios, or similar areas.
  2. No building, structure, or object, except approved fences, gates, entrances, or landscaping, shall be erected, placed, or maintained on any parcel nearer than fifty (50) feet from the edge of the easement of the road or street in which said parcel fronts, unless approved by the ARB, and the appropriate governmental authorities.
  3. No building, structure, or object, except approved fences, gates, entrances, or landscaping, shall be erected, placed, or maintained on any parcel nearer than twenty-five (25) feet from the rear line of any parcel, unless approved by the ARB.
  4. No building, structure, or object, except approved fences, gates, entrances, or landscaping, shall be erected, placed, or maintained on any parcel nearer than twenty-five (25) feet to the side line of any parcel, unless approved by the ARB.
  5. The front of any parcel shall be the side adjacent to a street. The rear shall be the side opposite from the front.
  6. All garbage cans shall be kept, stored and placed in either underground containers or within enclosed container areas as approved by the ARB. In no event shall garbage cans be placed for collection on any portion of a parcel or an easement or right-of-way unless in such container. All garbage placed in such containers shall be sealed in standard trash bags made of material of sufficient strength to contain garbage placed therein without ripping or tearing. No parcel shall be used or maintained as a dumping area for trash, rubbish, or other waste.
  7. Zoning and governmental regulations applicable to this property shall be observed. In the event of any conflict between any provision of such zoning restriction and the provisions of this Declaration, the more restrictive provision shall apply.
  8. Unless otherwise approved by the ARB, construction of approved improvements shall commence within ninety (90) days from the date of approval by the ARB and construction shall proceed continuously and be completed within a reasonable time , and in no event shall construction of a dwelling house or other improvements be extended or last for more than twelve (12) months, unless otherwise approved by the ARB.
  9. No temporary building, tent, trailer, structure or improvement shall be constructed, erected or maintained without the prior approval of the ARB. However, a trailer or other temporary building may be placed on any parcel and may be used as a sales and/or construction office by RANCH COLONY, INC., its agents, employees, and successors during the development of RANCH ACRES.
  10. No basement, garage, trailer or partially completed building shall be used for human occupancy prior to the completion of the entire approved buildings or improvements.
  11. Domestic animals, as defined and approved by the ARB, include dogs, cats and similar pets. Farm animals, as defined by the ARB, include horses, cattle, chickens, and goats. All of the foregoing shall be kept in reasonable numbers so that their presence causes no disturbance to others. No animal shall be allowed to roam unattended. No pigs or similar swine may be kept on the premises at any time.
  12. No truck, tractor, trailer, mobile home, motor home, motorcycle, or boat shall be kept parked or stored on any road right-of-way or easement. No vehicle of any kind shall be parked overnight on any road right-of-way. Provided, however that nothing contained in this paragraph shall preclude service and delivery vehicles from using the streets and servicing the homes.
  13. No signs, except small name signs approved by the ARB shall be placed, erected or displayed on any parcel except for the following:
    • A: Identification signs installed by the owner or his contractor during construction.
    • B: The sales agent of a single-family residence may place one professional sign advertising the property for sale.
    • C: A sign displaying the word “OPEN”, not to exceed three (3) square feet may be displayed during any time the homeowner or his designated representative is in attendance.

    • All signs and their design and location, shall be subject to the approval of the ARB.
  14. All parcels shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner and no rubbish, refuse, garbage or derelict vehicles shall be allowed to accumulate or any fire hazard allowed to exist.
  15. No nuisance shall be allowed upon any parcel or any use or practice that is a source of annoyance to other parcel owners or interferes with the peaceful possession and proper use of the lots by the residents thereof.
  16. No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of any parcel, dwelling house or other improvement and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction shall be strictly observed.
  17. All exteriors of buildings, outbuildings or fences and all exterior surfaces shall consist of natural woods, brick stone or stucco, and shall be painted or otherwise covered in uniform, soft colors.
  18. No fill shall be used to extend the property beyond the parcel line without the prior written consent of the ARB.
  19. No mailbox shall be installed on any parcel unless such mailbox is of a manufacture, model, and type and located in accordance with the specifications set forth by the ARB.
  20. Any lighting of a pool or other recreation area shall be designed so as to buffer the surrounding residences from the lighting.
  21. All sewage shall be treated by septic tank, the construction and location of which shall be in accordance with the laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the public authorities having jurisdiction of the same.
  22. All wetland areas as defined by the South Florida Water Management District and as depicted on the map attached hereto (marked Exhibit A) shall remain undisturbed. It is understood that the wetlands shown on Exhibit A are maximum areas in size and may be reduced in size and area in accordance with the South Florida Water Management District’s definition of wetlands.
  23. Hunting, trapping and the use of firearms is prohibited within RANCH ACRES.
  24. No gasoline-powered boats may be used on the premises. Motorcycles and motorbikes may be used and operated by licensed drivers only on roadways and driveways and in such a manner as not to be a nuisance. Streets and driveways will not be dedicated to the public.
  25. Whenever the ARB is permitted or required by the covenants to enter any parcel for the purpose of correction, repair, cleaning, clearing, mowing, or any other required or permitted activity, such entrance shall not be deemed a trespass.