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Lawn debris and trash pickup

Trash Pickup: Mondays and Thuradays
Vegetation Pickup: Wednesdays
Recycle Pickup: Thursdays
Special Pickup: (772) 546-7700

One of the functions of the management company is to tour the property on a periodic basis and observe any deviations from the rules and regulations of the community. RCPOA would like to remind all residents to follow the trash collection schedule (see end section of the newsletter), and to be courteous to your neighbors by not putting out trash on the weekends, or leaving it out curbside especially over the weekend. If it has not been picked up on the scheduled day please call Waste Management for directions. Please contain the refuse properly, putting garbage in bags and bundling remnants of building materials according to Waste Management guidelines. Waste Management needs to be advised by the homeowner of any large amounts of landscape debris that needs to be picked up (see notes under Friendly Reminders for more information). Homeowners that leave garbage items curbside for more than one full week will receive a reminder letter with a time frame for removal. Once the time frame has expired, and if the situation still exists, the Association will have it removed and bill back the owner for the expenses. Contractors performing work for owners must remove their own debris and not leave it for general pick up.

No Collection Service on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. When Collection Day is a Holiday, the Contractor shall collect on the next scheduled Collection Day.

The following material will NOT be removed by Waste Management: Whole trees; tree sections larger than 6 inches in diameter or 5 feet in length or more than 50 pounds; vegetation from land clearing or land development; hay used for animal bedding; organic material, such as loose garbage; manure is classified as toxic waste and will not be removed, even if bagged; framing material; plastic bags that are mixed with vegetation trash; vegetation that is mixed with plastic bags; land clearing debris.

Again, contractors must remove their own debris and not place it for general collection.

Trash Pickup Definitions

YARD TRASH-REGULAR: Vegetative matter, including tree and shrub trimmings, grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, palm fronds or small tree branches. This is collected twice per week on the same days as regularly scheduled garbage pickup. This yard trash is to be placed alongside garbage cans and must be in garbage cans, paper bags, plastic bags, or tied in bundles which weigh 50 pounds or less.

YARD TRASH-BULKY: Large pieces or quantities of vegetative and wood matter, which exceed the weight or size of “yard trash-regular.” This is loose yard trash, clippings, etc., piled at the roadside. These piles of yard trash are reported to Waste Management by the garbage truck drivers on regular pickup days. Waste Management will then dispatch a truck to collect the trash. The trash is to be picked up within one week of being reported. A maximum of 20 cubic yards of bulky trash per week will be collected from each residence.

BULKY WASTE (OTHER THAN YARD TRASH): This waste consists of metal objects, scrap metal, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. This bulky waste is reported to Nichols management by the garbage truck drivers on regular pickup days. The resident may also notify Waste Management (772-546-7700) that such material has been placed at roadside for pickup. The waste material is to be picked up within 5 days of management notification by either their drivers or the resident, whichever occurs first. Scrap metal must not be mixed with other yard waste.